Ampeg replacement PCBs

Have one of those old 1970s Ampeg guitar amps like a V4 or a VT22? I do and, because this particular amp (VT22) has PCB-mounted tubes and those are mounted inverted, all that tube heat has nicely warped the PCBs to the point where there actually were broken traces on them.
So I decided enough is enough and designed my own replacement PCBs. Made out of 2mm (0.78in) FR4, plated-through holes with gold-plated solder pads on 70µm (2oz) copper. Silkscreen-printing on both sides of the PCBs of course.
I have had these in my personal amp for almost a year now and they still look as good as new - no warping and working fine.
Why am I writing all this? Because I had a couple of extras made and I'm putting those up for sale now that I've sufficiently tested them.
50.00 US$ for the Reverb board and 60.00 US$ for the Main board, + shipping. Package deal (1 Reverb board + 1 Main board) for 90.00 US$ + shipping.
Contact me for ordering, questions etc.


Main replacement

Reverb replacement

And the originals

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