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AKG D12 Microphone

18.03.2020    Read my service report of an Ampeg V4 distortion model tube amplifier here.

17.12.2019    Have an Ampeg V4, VT22 or similar with completely warped or even broken PCBs? I have some high quality replacements for sale.
                        See here for details.

26.11.2012    Joules lives! Brandnew Joules website is now online. Check it out!

25.05.2010    our 8-track demo is available for download as individual FLAC files

15.12.2009    joules will be laying down some tracks to record a demo next week. stay tuned!

10.11.2009    keep it coming. joules do it again on saturday november 28th at hermetschloostrasse 70 in zürich. doors at 9 pm. also playing are
                        zürich's own country terminators

28.08.2009    this time's a kicker, joules opening up for colour haze on november 17th 2009 at the ziegel oh lac in zürich

19.05.2009    joules rocks again - june 13th at the KAFF in frauenfeld, together with viaticum - starts at 8 pm

07.02.2009    come see us on february 28th at the kalkbreite in zürich, together with big b's powerpilots and norah

24.10.2008    and yet another confirmed joules gig: january 17th 2009, rockwoche rote fabrik, ziegel oh lac, together with monkey3

23.09.2008    next chance to see us will be on october 10th at the garage behind the restaurant rosso in zürich. bring some firewood. kay-zee at the
                        decks, starts at 21:30

08.07.2008    if you missed this then you missed us. next chance will be the Erismannhoffest, september 6th with Circle Brothers,
                        Country Terminators and The Bucks

13.07.2007    next joules gig: 18.08.2007, totalbar zürich. be there!

10.03.2007    16.06.2007...joules, bäckeranlage zürich, get ready

05.02.2006    my first attempt at designing an overdrive, click

05.05.2005    ...here's some more...

04.04.2005    if you're into stoner rock you should check out the stoner audio/video forum at http://www.kyussqotsa.com/forum/

26.03.2005    the russians and their tube amps

07.11.2004    to be continued...